Together... exceeding highest industry standards


  • How does your firm stack up, in performance, product and service delivery against industry "best practices"?
  • What are you doing pretty well, and what could you be doing a lot better?
  • And where do you turn if you need some guidance through the bewildering maze of standards, models... and of audits, appraisals, and assessments?


  • For benchmarking against other organizations, the best appraisal method Cooliemon has found is developed by Carnegie Mellon (CMU) and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
  • We highly recommend their world-class benchmarking method known as SEI's SCAMPI (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement).
  • We have applied SEI appraisals from small to large organizations. We have been fortunate to apply our craft the last 20 years with firms representing many different industries and disciplines (i.e., Systems, Software, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering) 


SEI Appraisals:  

SEI SCAMPI Appraisals