Business Improvement

Business Improvement: Taking what's good, and making it better.

Is your company getting the most from its business improvement efforts?

Many CEOs don't think so! They see business improvement as a cost center and not as a profit center. In regard to traditional methods and implementation of those methods... they may very well be right.   

Suppose, just suppose, that the "bottom line" could be improved?

Together, the Cooliemon® team can help solve your problems...but we're much more than problem solvers. We know the principles of business improvement and quality management from the inside out. What makes us unique is that we show you how to apply these principles to all areas of your business, and how to involve your team in the process. Our methods are designed to help you make immediate improvements, while opening the door to nearly boundless opportunities for future success.

Improvement isn't enough...

We believe that continual improvement is the real key to success. Accordingly, we provide you with the tools not only to improve your operations in ways that can easily be measured, but to sustain these improvements and build on them.

Our proven methods will help you improve quality, increase productivity, reduce cycle time, and enhance performance. We offer a wide range of special techniques and training, as well as numerous products and programs that can be customized for your firm.

Whether your firm has known problems or is a "high maturity" company, there's always room for improvement.  Cooliemon® offers the expertise needed to help you identify costly problems and develop solid solutions. The Cooliemon Team can help your company answer the question: Are we getting the most from our business improvement efforts?

Cooliemon®'s methods and techniques will...

  • Put Six Sigma programs on steroids
  • Enhance Organizational Innovation & Deployment (OID) performance
  • Provide defined measures that yield better and more effective decision making

Through the use of these methods and techniques, our clients gain significant results with a clearly measurable return on investment...year after year.

Our proprietary Star Organizational Improvement (Star OI™) method will set you on the path to reducing defects while leveraging your strengths to improve your bottom line by as much as 30% of your direct labor costs.