SEI Appraisals

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The SCAMPI family of appraisals includes Class A, B, and C appraisal methods.

Diagram of SCAMPI appraisal levels.

SCAMPI A is the most rigorous method and the only method that can result in a rating.

SCAMPI B provides options in model scope,  but the characterization of practices is fixed to one scale and is performed on implemented practices.

SCAMPI C provides a wide range of options, including characterization of planned approaches to process implementation according to a scale defined by the user.

The delivery of CMMI services is one of our core competencies. In fact, our founder and president, Ralph Williams, is one of the most active SEI CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraisers in the world.


Our reputation in this area is built on our integrity and dedication and 20 years of experience. 

  • Achieve CMMI maturity levels thoroughly and comprehensively
  • Secure real and measurably demonstrable process and quality improvements
  • Decrease the incidence and prevalence of defects, waste, and inefficiency
  • Produce actual increases in productivity, effectiveness, and profitability
Our team can support your entire range of CMMI needs and requirements. We also can support quality audits and your ISO system and quality requirements.

As an SEI Transition Partner, we have staff who are experienced and qualified to to support the entire CMMI initiative. Our capabilities include both Lead Appraisers, proven Appraisal Team Members and highly experienced CMMI consultants to support your business improvements and appraisal needs. 

Our benchmarking services assist organizations in preparing for appraisals, assessments, and audits for a broad range of standards and models

  • Process Implementation Consulting
  • Objective Evidence Reviews
  • Appraisal Readiness Reviews
  • CMMI Class B and C Appraisals
  • SCAMPI (Class A) Appraisals for Maturity Levels 2 through 5
  • Quality auditing and perform analysis & trending of your non-conformance data