Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

The Cooliemon Vision is to be recognized as the leading provider of

  • business improvement initiatives
  • model based appraisals
  • specialized business performance tools
  • training and knowledge management
that achieve measurable results that help our customers become .... QUICKER.FASTER.SMARTER.  

Our Mission

The Cooliemon Mission is to promote our singular dedication to work collaboratively with our clients as partners to facilitate their ability to:

Stoke Their Team by:

  • motivating their staff by creating a dynamic professional environment
  • delivering interactive training to build staff competency
  • creating a work atmosphere that is enjoyable and fun!

Obliterate Their Obstacles by:

  • offering new and innovative problem solving and management tools and techniques
  • facilitating the use of methods that are both effective and easy to use
  • leveraging and managing knowledge to enhance overall operations and productivity

Boost Their Business by:

  • developing long term and meaningful strategic goals consistent with the competitive environment
  • using objective measures to produce consistent results year after year
  • focusing on expanding and diversifying the clients' market and market share

Find Their Gold by:

  • eliminating defects and rework
  • reducing costs
  • increasing profitability

Our Values

  • Respect for all people clients, vendors, and employees alike
  • Complete involvement in every project, no matter how large or how small
  • Absolute and uncompromising integrity in our dealings with clients, vendors, and employees
  • A customer-driven mentality with total focus on customer needs
  • Genuine teamwork and a sense that we are all on the road to success together
  • A commitment to quality, innovation, and continuous improvement in all of our services and products