Who Is The Cooliemon?

Cooliemon's Foundation...

Our company's foundation is the vision, adaptability, focus and incredible work ethic that Ralph Williams, the founder learned from his parents and their ancestors; the original "Cooliemon" (indentured servants who immigrated from India to Jamaica).

The following is a brief history of how the "Cooliemon" secured a better life for themselves while benefiting Jamaica at the same time.

The abolition of slavery in 1834 and the premature termination of apprenticeship in 1838 created a genuine shortage of farm workers on Jamaican plantations. After 1839 the sugar production and exports declined significantly. The fragile Jamaican sugar industry demanded reliable, productive, knowledgeable, and affordable workers.

In the nineteenth century, the productivity and quality of sugar produced by India was far superior to anywhere in the world. It was from India, then, that Jamaican planters imported the skilled farm workers, whose compatriots had already revolutionized the sugar industry in Mauritius and British Guiana. The naturalized Jamaicans would refer to the Indians as "West Indian Indians," "Coolies" or even "Cooliemon".

The Cooliemons' vision of a higher quality of life motivated them to immigrate from India to Jamaica. They adapted to the Jamaican environment and culture. Their pursuit of freedom from indenture through hard work taught them the value of goal-setting and a work ethic that brought them success. Mr. Williams' parents followed that same pattern of a vision, adaptability, focus and work ethic when they immigrated to London, as did Mr. Williams when he immigrated to the United States.


Now, we bring these same qualities of vision adaptability, focus, and work ethic - all attributes of the original "Cooliemon" to helping organizations become...


  • Our vision guides us, just as the Cooliemon ancestors' vision guided them to bring excellence to the sugar plantation.
  • Our adaptability ensures that we first understand and align with the culture of your organization as we guide you through your improvement initiative, just as the Cooliemon learned to thrive in the Jamaican culture.
  • Our focus and work ethic means that we will deliver what we promise, just as the Cooliemon did to make the Jamaican sugar plantation successful.