Training / Workshops

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was only half right when he wrote, "Knowledge is power." Mere knowledge isn't enough; being able to properly implement that knowledge is the real key to being successful in the business world.

Cooliemon offers an array of Training and Workshops that can be used within your organization to increase staff capabilities and competency. Here are some of the courses we deliver: 

  • Strategic & Tactical Planning

  • Future Search (Business Direction)

  • Getting Started in Business Improvement 

  • SEI Introduction to CMMI Training   

  • Customized CMMI Process Area Workshops. Topics include:

    • Measurement and Analysis
    • Causal Analysis & Resolution (Integrating CMMI & Lean / Six Sigma) 
    • Decision Analysis & Resolution
    • Project Planning and Managing
    • Hi-MAT (High Maturity) - CMMI ML 4 & ML 5
    • Peer Review & Moderator
    • Quality Assurance (Process and Work Product Objective Evaluations)
  • Process Definition 

  • Facilitation Skills (Effective Meetings)

The Cooliemon Difference: Learning vs Training 

We have been told the Cooliemon approach to training is refreshingly different. We believe that "typical" training is not enough.  Our focus is on "Learning" vs. "Typical Training" that enables the changes needed by the workforce that align with improvement initiatives.

Cooliemon Style Workshops are designed and delivered through our Star OI method addressing:

  • Motivation (Why to Do's)
  • Knowledge (What to Do's)  
  • Skills (How to Do's)

Instead of "Death by PowerPoint" our courses are highly interactive.  Like the other services we offer, learning needs to occur in an environment that is enjoyable and fun.

Our instructors and facilitators are not just "Teachers" but domain experts with a deep understanding of their craft.