Our reputation in the business improvement arena is built on our integrity, dedication and 20 years of experience.  At Cooliemon, our unique line of solutions can be categorized as:

  • Business Improvement using proven models (such as CMMI), tools and techniques that  impact the bottom line. 
  • Training your staff to increase their capabilities and productivity. 
  • Benchmarking by appraising and assessing against models and standards such as CMMI, ISO, and ITIL.
  • Technology & Tools that automate Cooliemon style Business Improvement, Benchmarking and Business Execution.


By working together our line of products and services are tailored to meet your goals and objectives. With this teaming environment we have successfully helped our customers to ...

  • Achieve higher CMMI maturity levels thoroughly and comprehensively
  • Secure real and measurably demonstrable business and process improvements
  • Decrease the incidence and prevalence of defects, waste, and inefficiency
  • Produce actual increases in productivity, effectiveness, and profitability


The delivery of business improvements through the use of models and techniques such as Lean Six Sigma, ISO, ITIL and CMMI is one of our core competencies. In fact, our founder and president, Ralph Williams, is one of the most active SEI CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraisers in the world.

    As an SEI Transition Partner, we have staff who are experienced and qualified to support the entire business improvement initiative.
    Our capabilities include both SEI Lead Appraisers, proven Appraisal Team Members and highly experienced CMMI consultants savvy in the ways of integrating multi models and standards to help you become...