Stomp Yer Croc [Hardcover]

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Stomp Yer Croc presents a new, measurement based approach to business improvement using a unique fable and graphic novel like format. The fable focuses on Jason Hunter and his initial safari to the Valley of Gold (profit). His journey is plagued by waste, poor planning, inadequate staffing, miscommunications, various distractions, and inefficiencies. These are represented by crocodiles, ox carts, monkeys, the swamp, and some eccentric characters in management positions. After his first, and partially successful hunt, Jason enlists the help of Alex, who shows him how to improve using a five-pointed star methodology that yields greater success on the second safari. The fable has discussions before and after it at a company that believes it has challenges and not problems and that believes in its success based only on its bottom line performance. By examining the fable they realize that they, like Jason, often leave much profit in their Valley of Gold - - - which is guarded by King Croc, the foundation of all business problems.