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Aug 2nd 2013: CMMI-SVC Supplement v1.3 (Greenville, SC)
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This is the Official Software Engineering Institute (SEI):
- Services (CMMI-SVC) Supplement for Development v1.3 (1 Day Course)
- Course Description

Embassy Suites Golf Resort and Conference Centre
Greenville, South Carolina

Instructor: Ralph Williams (High Maturity Lead Appraiser)
- Complimentary Mini Booklets for attendees (Groovy!)
- Attendees can win a Stomp Yer Croc Book (Yeah!)

Cooliemon Style Training:
We are known for our training courses and the way we deliver the CMMI material. Attendees will stay engaged by our High Maturity Lead Appraisers practical examples and fun analogies.

Our price: $500.00